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BE-CAPS: Eine Losung fur jeden Bedarf

An all-rounder, and by far the most popular range of softgels worldwide. Proven reliability, unlimited formulation possibilities and completely customized. Excellent price-quality balance.


Made from fish gelatine, as a renewable resource. Featuring the same unlimited possibilities as BE-Caps® Class. Perfectly designed for marine-based nutrients.


Produced from certified organic ingredients, the finished product is organically certified by the relevant authority. The organic market is one of the fastest growing markets worldwide.


Unique encapsulation process resulting in round seamless capsules. Very easy to swallow and designed for a fill weight of 150-300 mg.


BE-Caps® Enteric are the latest additions to the family featuring proven enteric technology in shell formulation. Single-process production reduces time, costs, risk and the steps involved. Enables delayed release of the product into the intestine. Enhances the consumer experience and reduces aftertaste.

BE-CAPS®: Let us inspire you

BE-Caps® are the most advanced oral dosage form available, preferred by consumers to other solid dosage forms because they are so easy to swallow, have a neutral flavour and and reduce stomach discomfort when digesting.

BE-Caps® are formed, filled and sealed in a single operation. The result is a one-piece, airtight (hermetic) capsule boasting greater stability and an extremely long shelf life.

BE-Caps® are used primarily for oils and active ingredients which are solubilised or suspended in oil.

Using soft-gel capsules can increase the bioavailability of poorly absorbed or soluble nutrients. The effectiveness of some nutrients can be enhanced using stabilisation and solubilisation.

The use of exicipents and/or filling agents is almost or entirely unnecessary and perfect dosage uniformity is guaranteed.

BE-Caps® will enhance your product marketability with their versatility (wide variety of colours, shapes, sizes and shell sources) and attractive appearance, which offers consumers a sense of safety, stability and elegance.